Shyamnagar viral Topic || শ্যামনগরের জামাইবাবু শালি বার্বি পূজা রায়


Barbie Pooja Roy is an Indian TikToker and YouTuber. She gained apperception for her TikTok video, where she wore an ebony saree and white blouse and danced to a Hindi musical composition. The video expeditiously went viral and she was nicknamed "Bangladesh's Incipient Barbie".

Pooja Roy was born in a minute village in the Dinajpur district of North Bengal, India. He attended a private college and graduated in 2023. She joined TikTok in tardy 2022 and expeditiously became a popular personality for her good looks and dancing skills.

Apart from her TikTok videos, Pooja Roy additionally runs a prosperous channel on YouTube. Her channel has over 1 million subscribers and she posts a variety of videos on it, including dance videos, hysterical videos, and personal videos.

Pooja Roy is an ascending star and is playing a paramount role in Indian culture. She is an inspiration to many puerile girls and represents the women of India.

A video of Shyamnagar has recently gone viral on gregarious media. The Shyamnagar viral video that is doing the rounds on the web is Barbie Pooja Roy. Probably 2021/2022 Sujit Bose's famous pooja "Sribhumi" where a dancer came and rocked the pooja mandap - this is Barbie Pooja Roy.

It is not kenned with certainty when and where it was captured. But it is believed to have been captured in a village in Shyamnagar. Puja is visually perceived with her son-in-law Babu, and it is her Shali making it. It went viral as soon as it hit the cyber world. According to sources - it went viral via WhatsApp status and may have come online.

Her husband and family members were very abashed after this emerged. Exhibiting this can have a major impact on a woman's personal and professional life. After it goes viral, her husband is considering divorcing her. Additionally, he is in peril of losing his job.

Viral of name & Lin*k
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